I5 or I7 Sandy Bridge for gaming

Which one for gaming thats all I want.

Also this mobo is coming with the combo for either one does it say dual x8/x8.
Does it support sli and ati?
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  1. i5 2500K if overclocking
  2. ^ Yes that board supports both SLI and Crossfire, and for the current single-chip graphic cards, x8x8 would suffice and say have a performance hit of 2-5%(Max and when converted to FPS, the numbers are pretty low) when compared to x16x16,... Only when going with say dual-Chip cards, x16 is required,...
  3. 1) The 2500K will drive any sane graphics configuration well. It has 4 cores, and does not need more for gaming, since very few games use more than 2 cores.
    The 2600K is marginally better, but you are better off using the extra $100 on a stronger graphics card.

    2) Do you really need a full ATX motherboard and it's 7 expansion slots?
    The P8P67-M Pro is a micro-ATX motherboard that is similar, but with only 4 expansion slots, and a lower price.
    It is nice, in that it can fit in some smaller, more portable cases.

    3) Do not chase SLI. Unless you are planning on a 2560 x 1600 monitor, or triple monitor surround gaming, then a good single card, like a GTX570 or GTX580 will give you all you need. If you have unlimited funds, then plan on a future GTX595 or sli, but realize that you are getting very little more for your incremental dollar.
  4. i5 2500K should be nice, and I like the non micro ATX boards just because if you need a certain expansion later you won't be limited by your board
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