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My cousin's Celeron D died, and he is looking for a new CPU. His budget is around $75, and he told me three processors that he likes. The first is a Celeron e3400 ($45 w/ tax at MC,) next a Pentium e5700 ($66 w/ tax at MC,) and last is an e7200 ($75 w/ shipping on ebay.) His primary use is watching high def videos and playing games (mostly source games) at 720p.
His system:
Mobo: GA-G31M-ES2L
PSU: Ea-380D
GPU: 9600gt 512mb
Ram: 2x2gb G.Skill 800mhz

He is really just wondering if the extra cache is worth the extra money, as he would probably have the CPU clocked at 3.0ghz.
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  1. e5700 is the strongest of those processors and will overclock decently.
  2. E5700 lower fsb, E7200 later SSE. Whether it matters ?
  3. the e7200 has more cache too. it would be a lot better than the celeron.
  4. e7200 and the clock the puppy. just keep the memory @ 800.
  5. Your motherboard has an upper FSB freq limit of around 350 - 360 MHz. You can push an E7200 to about 3.3 GHz - a useful boost in performance.
  6. Just wondering how would an e7200 @ 3.3ghz compare against an e5700 @ 3.75ghz (15*250)
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    Really with a 9600GT, any of those CPU's are fine. I'm pretty sure there isn't much difference above 3Ghz since the video card is the bottle neck. I'm biased against the E7200, I had an early one and it was an overclocking dog. A new E5700 in my mind is the safest bet.
  8. Sounds reasonable, I'll have him get that one.
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