Live streaming games.. Have a few questions.

Hey all,

Ive started looking into live streaming my game play over or Ustream. However I wasn't sure what route would be the best to go down, or if my computer would be able to handle it (My specs on in my Sig).

What i was wanting to know is if it would be better to go down the path of buying a expansion card such as a video capture card and using that to capture my monitor and then stream that on the site. Or would it be just as good to use some software that i can download that will capture my screen and then stream it on the site?

I have tried to do a bit of research and it seems that using the software is a huge system hog on your processor and your internet connection. Well I only have a dual core CPU and wasn't sure if that would be able to handle it or not.

Also I was wondering if i was to buy a capture card, would that still be as much of a resource hog as the software? and also would it get me much better looking picture than the software? If the card would be a better choice, what are some good cards out there for a reasonable price?

I'm new into this whole area, and the closest thing ive done to it is used fraps to record some game play a while back and then upload it to a site. So if you have any extra information that would be useful, throw it my way. It would be very helpful.

Also, sorry if this would be better suited to go into another section.. Maybe the video game section, but i knew tv tuner cards, and video capture cards are similar if not the same thing so i thought this might be a better place.. /shrug

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  1. Don't know if anybody will be able to help me or not, but i did a bit more looking around and grabbed a couple programs, got a account set up at Ustream, and started streaming some live in game footage, but it was very choppy, and my CPU was maxed at 100%.

    So it seems that my CPU wont be able to handle the software. Now i just need to know if buying a capture card will take that stress off my CPU or if I will just need quad core instead of a dual core?

  2. Just bumping it up, hoping somebody can help me out.
  3. are you trying to stream a console game or from your pc game?
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