Antec 902 V3 w/ P8P67 Pro, 2 x 6950, Corsair AX850


Just wanted to know if anyone has dealt with this combo and if the parts will fit? I'd like to get a look at the case first-hand but they're somewhat scarce in my area and unfortunately so is time to check different computer stores.

Indications so far are that they should fit. Someone asked previously about the 6950/6970, mobos are all suposed to be made to a given form-factor and so are PSUs by my understanding so as long as the cables reach and the card fits, it should be good to go...right? (sorry, I'm noob when it comes to PC hardware).

Thanks in advance for any responses.
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    The case is very nice i have the original 902 and it would have no problem fitting those components.
    The psu will fit no problem and has the required 4 pcie connections for your gpu's.
    Really don't know how much better an AX is then a HX 850 though.
    HX's are excellent and come with way more cables.
    Can't lose either way though.
  2. Well I went ahead and got the case and I wouldn't say it had "no problem" fitting the components but they do fit. I am unable to use any of the slots in front of my video cards for drives though as there is not enough space front-to-back to mount them in line. Thankfully the 3-drive cages in this thing are modular and just slide into whichever slot in the front you want (there are two cages). I ended up splitting the drives 1 above my video cards and two below. Besides that my only complaint is the cables are a bit of a mess but that is imo unavoidable given the amount of hardware in the case and the length of the cables... a more experienced builder probably would have found a more elegant solution ;-) but this was my first build. Thanks for the fist word on it Davcon.
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