NVIDIA GeForce 9400GT & Windows 7 crashes

Recently I upgraded my computer from Vista Home to Windows 7 pro. Now all of my games worked with windows vista, all sudden after upgrade only few works now such as NFS: undercover, Cities XL 2011. but not others like Guild wars, Fallout New vegas, they keep crashing whenever I open them.

So, I decided to update my drivers. my current drivers are & updated to latest 260.99. after the update all my applications started crashing mainly showing nvd3dum.dll is the cause. & it disabled my Direct3D acceleration.

Just to be sure I ran Memtest & it passed.

any suggestion is welcome :) :cry: :cry:

Also, I'm running dual monitors on this computer.
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  1. I'm seeing whenever I'm trying to install 260 driver I get BSOD with BAD_POOL_HEADER, makes no sense, GFX card is fine & memory is fine.

    confused as hell.
  2. a 9400gt is very very low standard gpu,very low,but if you use 800x600,1024x768,with medium settings in less demanding games,it can surprise you
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