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What I'm trying to do is perhaps get a dedicated sound card for my PC so that I can broadcast my sound better on a stream site. My biggest issue right now is my current microphone which just pumps out static like crazy because I have it boosted to +30 dBs with full record because otherwise I can't be heard. Someone recommended getting a sound card but didn't mention what type or kind I should be looking for. I've never bought sound cards before so it's completely foreign territory for me. Atm I use a Plantronics headset that comes with a mic.
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    I think it would be better investing in a better microphone, this certainly does not sound like a sound chip issue.

    Sennheiser headsets have very high quality microphones in them, I have used the PC121 and PC151 headsets and have found that I often have the best quality microphone in every online game
  2. yes invest your money on microphone for now.
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