Looking for a new GPU $300-$400

Hello I would like to get a new GPU within the next few weeks, my budget is going to be$300-$400.

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: I would like to get it before the end of this month.

USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Gaming, Starcraft 2, Battlefield bad Company 2 All max.

CURRENT GPU AND POWER SUPPLY: I have a Single HD 5770 and a 750 Watt PSU Corsair.

OTHER RELEVANT SYSTEM SPECS: Asus motherboard(Crossfire is not supported) Core i5 750 @4.0ghz, 4gb of ddr3 memory, HAF 922M Mid tower.


PARTS PREFERENCES: I think I would prefer a ATI but whatever has more performance for the price.

OVERCLOCKING: Might OC a little, No Crossfire.


ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Would like to run my games with max AA

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  2. Gigabyte GTX470 Superoverclock w/free Mafia 2 game - $300

    "The Gigabyte GTX 470 SOC edition is by far one of the more fascinating products we have tested to date. Gigabyte balanced and fine tuned this product to acceptable heat levels hovering at roughly 80 degrees C under full stress, yet managed to create a near inaudible noise level, and that's just what the doctor ordered!"
  3. Hold on dude.... u know ATI gonna show their New card on 29th...... i dont know about price in ur state but u can get in that budget..... so latest will have better support for tesselation and eyespeed is fantastic...

    In Nvidia u can go for GTX 570....

    ATI is coming with better features as connectivity and 3D... and improved tesselation whereas Nvidia showed their vapour cooler design for better cooling.....

    As u have same budget as mine its worth to wait and i am getting GTX 570.... u can decide urs !
    by the way u know call of duty black ops is out ....i will be waiting for my card by ASUS !

    I have 256mb DDR4 2600xt at this time .... upgrade will change my whole experience :D

    Ahh forget to tell u main thing .... Nvidia will give u good room to overclock ur card as by overclocking 470 beats 5870... so overclocking room might be good reason to go for Nvidia.... where as Red will be at Red line for overclocking/...
  4. The AMD cards that will be released, December 12th is the latest after being delayed, will be 6900 series and priced out of the $300-$400 price range. Nvidia may have lower level 560/570's, but these are not confirmed, although I expect them in December.
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