Air flow help please

so i have a Haf 912, this will give you an idea of the fans and where the vents are at

i am planning to buy cosair H50 but i have to place it either on top or rear. im just not sure how to place the other fans for good airflow, so please help =] also i currently only have 2 120mm fans one in rear and one in front. i will buy the rest to cover all once i get an idea of how the airflow will be
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More about flow please
  1. The Corsair Cooling Hydro Series CWCH50-1 CPU Cooler gives you the power of liquid cooling in a compact, easy-to-install package. You get superior cooling for higher overclocking performance without the complexity of traditional liquid-cooling systems.

    Air-based CPU coolers simply aren’t as efficient as water coolers, and can take up too much valuable space. The compact, closed-loop Hydro Series CWCH50-1 takes your CPU’s temperature to new lows and takes up less room doing it.
  2. what does that have to do with my airflow problem?
  3. I think Donna_110 is trying to sell you something. :-)

    Putting the fan in the rear of the case should not negatively affect airflow. In fact, you could run the tubes to the outside of the case (like the picture from the link you inserted) or replace the rear exhaust fan with the one from the new cooler.
  4. yea but the cosair H50 will be using a push pull so it will be a double intake also i cant take apart the tubes so thats not an option
  5. Wow, sorry about that. The fan on the radiator is going to draw cool air into the case!

    The only thing I can see to make sense is to use the front or side fan mounts (which pull air in) and replace with the fan/radiator from the CPU cooler. I don't know if the tubes would be long enough to reach the front though. The design is somewhat unorthidox as it will blow hot air across your components no matter what you do.

    Looking at review sites, some turn the fan around (to blow air out) and didn't see huge differences in cooling.

    Sorry I can't help you out. It's a strange cooler indeed.
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    The best thing to do:

    Buy a 200/230mm fan for up top, to act as an exhaust. Keep the front fan as it is, which will pull cool air across the HDDs then across the motherboard, proceeding out the top 230mm.

    Then remove the rear 120mm exhaust and turn it around(intake). Add the H50 with it's own fan pulling air. Then this outside air will immediately evacuate out the top of the case because of the significant airflow of the 230mm up top.
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  9. Actually it's a 200mm fan. I was mistaken.
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