Ordered an 11g usb adaptor and got an 11g broadban

To follow up to my previous post....I ordered a Belkin USB 11g adaptor and got a Netgear WGR-614 broadband router instead. Was tempted to keep it but without proof of purchase it would be impossible to get warranty. I sent them a mail this morning. Hope they reply soon. I'll be going on holiday by Tuesday.

Thank you PCWorld UK for being such a pain. You could have just sent me a Linksys and I would have no doubts about keeping it.

Hmm.... I'm tempted to cancel my order altogether and order a linksys which I found cheap.... but the shipping made it real expensive >_< but anyhow...that will have to wait until after New Year as well and by that time the price would've probably gone back up.

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  1. If u can I'd definatly go with linksys. I haven't had any issues at all with any of my linksys wireless equipment. But like I said before, get an a adaptor that is from the same company that made your wireless accesspoint. It will work out better in the long run. My linksys wap54g has had the broadest range of compatability I have seen in an accesspoint. It works well even with many clients with all different wireless adaptors doing large filetransfers all at once.

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  2. Ah well...the offer's gone. I do realise that Linksys is very reliable, even with wired nic the linksys that I used was better than some d-links that my friends used. That's weird since I always thought that 10/100 nics are all refined to the point of being identical. Thanks for your advice.

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