Good pc case

ok my requirements
has to be able to fit 12inch gpu with some room in sli or crossfire
needs total of 6 hdd slots or 5 if you can put two 2.5inch in one slot
two 140mm fan and rest can be 120 also 120mm by the cpu for the radiator

ok i have a haf x full tower case but it almost broken
i was thinking that i should get a case were the mobo is not vertical like in 99% of the cases but horizontal like in dangerden any place where i can get a clear case that is not by logisys and only because i am afraid that the gpu will be too heavy and might break the expansion slot
would be good if it was a mid tower because i kind of hated my haf x since it could barley fit in the place where i keep my cpu
also it would be good to have a window

cheaper is better
also good if the inside is black
and most important good cable management since i am a neat freak
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  1. Silverstone Fortress FT02

    Antec DF85
  2. Check out the CM Storm Sniper Black Edition.. It checks out on all your requirements..
  3. Uther39 said:
    Silverstone Fortress FT02

    Antec DF85

    I have personal exp with the FT02 Its a tad pricey but silverstone's build quailty is worth it. They hold up to there warrenty so if a fan burns out or anything they ship you new parts for free.
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