6GB installed, 4GB usable = WIN x64

Hello everyone.

I have just bought new RAM Corsair 3x2GB 1600Mhz CL9 to replace my old Kingston 3x1GB 1066Mhz CL7. When I replaced them, BIOS recognized only 4GB, Windows sees 6GB but says I can use only 4GB. I have checked the pins on the motherboard, tried each memory to boot alone and they are all right, task manager says these 2GB that I cannot use are ''HARDWARE RESERVED''.

One thing I noticed = when I look into BIOS to a memory section, channel B doesnt recognize the memory. However if I switch back to the old Kingston 3x1GB, it all works just fine. Plus if I add Corsair to that Kingston, what results into 9GB, again it works. But if I put Corsairs alone, just 4GB.

Do you know about any solution to my problem ? I am grateful for any answer.

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  1. It sounds like there is a setting somewhere that needs to be changed , I have not come accross this HARDWARE RESERVED thing that you are refering to but there is a similar function when you install certian SSD'S they have a function where the system takes 100mb and calls it SYSTEM RESERVED and makes it a seperate drive and has its own drive letter.
    Are you putting the three ram sticks in the three A slots? You can try the Windows help to find out what hardware reserved is and how to diable it. If you go to the start menu and select help and support and in the search box you type in hardware reserved and one of the options is the "hardware and devices troubleshooter" so you could start there and see what it finds.
  2. Another option would be to go to the Corsair help and support forums and see if the Ram Guy can help you , or you may come accross someone who has had the same problem.
  3. About the HARDWARE RESERVED - go to task manager, under performance is the Resource monitor button.

    I already wrote on Gigabyte forum and awaiting any reply.

    Anyway thx for a quick respond to my problem.
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