Reverb sound and soundcard help

hey i got trouble with reverb sound, some of my games it dosent sound clear..
i i use my onboard sound from gigabyte PH67A-ud3

i have plans to buy astro A40 with mixer but do i also need a soundcard to get best use of reverb ?
i have installed the latest audio driver for my motherboard
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  1. I'm not sure I understand. What is the reverb problem you're having? What games? And how do you mean best use of reverb?

    Some games will use reverb to simulate being in a cave or what have you... but there's also effects you can add such as by using EAX Effects, but that will simulate the effects and IMO sounds like ***.
  2. well in world of warcraft when i am under water the sound i really loud and its sound crakle a litte ind the sound and same issue in crysis 2 when im inside a building and the radar are scanning in multplayer

    i have taken an look at this but is the price worth it ? 174€ everything is just cost more here in denmark :S
  3. You definitely don't need something that expensive. Maybe an AuzenTech Bravura, HT Omega, or maybe the Asus Xonar DX
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