GTX 580 or SLI 460's?

I am building a gaming computer that needs to be finished for Christmas. I am going with a Core i7 950 for the CPU, most likely the ASUS P6X58D-E mobo, a Corsair 850 modular psu and the Antec 902 case. The rest of the components don't really matter too much, aside from the memory.
Anyway... I need help choosing between two GTX 460's in SLI, or the new GTX 580. I realize the perfomance will be very similar, and the GTX 580 will cost about ~$100 more than the GTX 460's, but the GTX 580 leaves me with an upgrade path for the future (another 580 in SLI). Also I am a bit weary to buy the 460's and then get screwed by the 560's being released in early 2011.
So what, in your opinons, should I do? Thanks!
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  1. Since you have a Christmas deadline, I would wait a while to see if more info on the 560 is available. I'm really not aware that the 560 has even been announced yet, but a pre-Christmas release seems logical.

    If there is no further info, then you are just left with deciding between the 580 or dual 460's, which may both be cheaper by then as well. The 460's are going to be on par and cheaper, for the most part, but I would go for the 580 for the upgrade potential and because a single card is more stable.
  2. i would agree with Matt, im running a single GTX 580 i had a 460 SLI combo 768mb some games like dead rising 2 dont work well with SLI, a single powerful card is the best and stable
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