Pentium Dual Core OR Core 2 Duo

Hi I would like to know which is better, A Pentium Dual Core Or a Core 2 Duo.
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  1. At the same clock speed the core2duo is in general better! Then again model numbers come into play, here is a handy tool to compare
  2. rolli59 said:
    Then again model numbers come into play, ...

    It is worse than that. You have Pentium dual core, Pentium Core2Duo (one word), and Pentium Dual Core.

    Model numbers are very important.

    To make it even worse, there are model numbers that were used in two generations of chips:
    Core2Duo E6600 Conroe - 2.4 GHz (266 MHz X 9), 4 MB cache, 65 nm architecture
    Dual Core E6600 Wolfdale - 3.06 GHz (266 MHz X11.5), 2 MB cache, 45 nm architecture.
  3. It depends on the specific models your referring to.

    Like JSC said, there are different models of E6300 from diff generations in different die sizes.
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