How safe is 1600 Memory on a 2600k?

On intel's site it says the 2600k can only take 1333 or 1066 memory types. I am using 1600 memory. The motherboard is automaticly made it run at 1600 frequency without asking me, I just checked in the bios and it shows it's running at 1600 or so. How safe is this? I hear this can void warrenty too, has it voided mine? Why do modern motherboards auto-overclock for you if it can void the warrenty of other hardware.
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  1. It is perfectly safe. That is exactly what I am using.

    The key to safety is to not let the ram viltage get too high. The limit before permanent cpu damage is 1.65v.
    1.5v is standard and should not be a problem.
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