I want to upgrade my graphic card any suggestions?

I currently have an HP Media Center m3330f with the following graphic card:

Name HP w2207 on NVIDIA GeForce 8500 GT
Current Resolution 1680x1050 pixels
Work Resolution 1680x1020 pixels
State enabled, primary, output devices support
Monitor Width 1680
Monitor Height 1050
Monitor BPP 32 bits per pixel
Monitor Frequency 60 Hz
Device \\.\DISPLAY1\Monitor0
GeForce 8500 GT
Device ID 10DE-0421
Revision A2
Subvendor ASUStek Computer Inc (1043)
Technology 80 nm
Die Size 115 nmІ
Transistors 210 M
Release Date Apr 17, 2007
DirectX Support 10.0
DirectX Shader Model 4.0
OpenGL Support 3.0
Bus Interface PCI Express x16
Temperature 75 °C
Driver nvlddmkm.sys
Driver version
BIOS Version
ROPs 4
Shaders 16 unified
Memory Type DDR2
Physical Memory 256 MB
Virtual Memory 1536 MB
Bus Width 128 Bit

and this is my system information:

Operating System
MS Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit SP2
AMD Phenom X4 9500 49 °C
Agena 65nm Technology
3.0GB Dual-Channel DDR2 @ 334MHz (5-5-5-15)
ASUSTek Computer INC. NARRA3 (Socket AM2 )
HP w2207 @ 1680x1050
256MB GeForce 8500 GT (ASUStek Computer Inc) 75 °C
Hard Drives
313GB Hitachi Hitachi HDT725032VLA SCSI Disk Device (Unknown)
313GB Hitachi Hitachi HDT725032VLA SCSI Disk Device (Unknown)
Optical Drives
MagicISO Virtual DVD-ROM0000
Realtek High Definition Audio

I currently want to upgrade my card because my current games tend to stutter. The games I currently play would include Left 4 Dead 1 & 2, Borderlands, Killing Floor, and S.T.A.L.K.E.R, I've never done an upgrade on my PC so I really don't know if my PC is even upgradeable -.-. Money wise, my limit would be $200 at the moment, though I'm open for suggestions on more expensive cards. Thanks !!

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  1. The only bit of info you are missing is your power supply. That will be crucial for most of the current mid-range cards. What is the wattage?
  2. Power supply info is a must but a geforce gts 450 would work great most likely but if you have a good power supply I would get a geforce gtx 460 1 GB.

  3. I'm currently not near my PC so I sent one of my minion (friend) to take a picture of the power supply so I have provided that with this post, thanks!
  4. You're going to need to send your minion out to pick up a new power supply before installing a new video card. From the photo, I see 268 watts max. A GTS450 requires a minimum 500 watt PSU. For GTX460, you need a minimum of 450 watts, 500 watts recommended. For a HD6850, you need a minimum 450 watt PSU.

    If you pick up a 500 watt power supply, I would recommend any of the three cards I just mentioned.
  5. + 2
    Get a new psu , then you get back in business with a good card-
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