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Hello, i have just changed motherboard and psu because of freeze. i have test my ram and processor, all work fine. my PC even do not want to load the bios. whats wrong with my comp. is it cased by wrong voltage?
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  1. Hello, and welcome to THG.

    Sounds Like a short in the motherboard. Also, what is your motherboard and CPU?
  2. is it possible the manufacturer give me the bad product.
    intel g3 m7 TE
    celeron 420
    i had try to reseat it all, but just the same.
    what must i do again?
  3. Did you change the motherboard to a different make and model or is it still the same motherboard, just new to you?

    What I am trying to say is that you may have an issue with another component, or an incompatibility.
  4. its different mobo, formerly was biostar nvidia 6100/7050. now my pc take very long time to post, sometimes get into windows startup directly with no post screen seen, and go black screen again for a long time till i shut it down. do i have to reset the bios jumper?
  5. What is your PSU?
  6. advance 450w.
  7. Might also be a bad PSU.

    Try to get it tested. Usually multimeter are available at the local hobby shop or nearest Radio Shack.
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