Galaxy GT 240 good,bad or just plain ugly??

Just curious, I just bought a Galaxy GT 240 1GB card and was wondering what the performance was like on it. Should be a big upgrade from the old HD 4350 512MB I had before.
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  1. No offence but isnt this the kind of question you as before you purchase? hehe, anyway yeah I'd say it'll be pretty good!
  2. It won't work miracles, but it's better then what you had. It's only good for casual games.
  3. It will be maxed out within 1280 X *** resolutions.
  4. kikireeki said:
    It will be maxed out within 1280 X *** resolutions.

    Definitely not however it will be worlds better than the HD4350 which isn't a gaming card at all. Basically it is an acceptable card for low resolution gaming. Nothing spectacular but it will do the job.
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