Which is better - NVIDIA or ATI?


This is the ATI Radeon Sapphire 6850HD graphics card, and I want this graphics card for high-end gaming, but I am wondering if I should go for this one instead...


The Radeon HD5770 graphics card. Also, I was wondering... why does it say GDDR5? Is the DD5 the type of RAM it requires??
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  1. GDDR5 is the type of RAM the card uses and both use that type.
  2. I think the 6850 is better I'll have to check but it is a newer card with better tessellation but both cards are made by AMD/ATI.
  3. ...and it has nothing to do with the main memory of the computer, you can use DDR3 memory in a system with a video card that uses gddr5
  4. Thanks for the reply. I should've known because GDDR = Graphic DDR
  5. Ya question is akin to asking what size engine ya need in ya truck when ya haven't told us how big ya truck is or what it's expected to pull. If we talking 1920 x 1080, DX11 and hi settings, the 5770 just doesn't cut it. At ATI, you'll want at least the 58xx series.

    It's perty good battle right now between the 6850 and the nVidia 460.

    This superclocked version retails for $10 more than the card you listed but has a $20 rebate and $15 promo code, for a net cost to you of $190


    Compare reviews:

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