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I have a LENOVO Desktop, always hanging on bios display.. no response from keyboard...when you press enter according to display message... I've been tried to clear CMOS, and also removed CMOS battery but nothing happens when I turn it on... do you have any ideas or somebody who can help... Thanks in advance..
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  1. sounds like you have a bad part. I would be disconnecting one part at a time and seeing if you get past the point you freeze. Start with your hard drive. optical drive then any addin cards you have... do you have a different video card you can try?
  2. This may be too late, but I've had a similar issue off and on since I built my computer.

    Turns out it was a USB HDD that was causing the boot to hang at the BIOS screen.

    If so, unplugging the USB device temporarily solves the issues, and "Disable USB Legacy Support" fixed the issue for me.
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