Patriot DDR3 2000mhz triple channel model confusion

Hi, i am very confused with Patriot ddr3 triple channel models and came here because i know i am going to get help.

I am stuck on Patriot because of availability.The models i am looking at is...

Patriot PVT36G2000LLK 6GB (3X2) 8-8-8-24 2000Mhz
Patriot PV236G2000LLKB 6GB (3X2) 8-8-8-24 2000Mhz
Patriot PX736G2000ELK 6GB (3X2) 9-11-9-27 2000Mhz

These two:
Patriot PV236G2000LLKB 6GB (3X2) 8-8-8-24 2000Mhz Viper extreme 2
Patriot PX736G2000ELK 6GB (3X2) 9-11-9-27 2000Mhz Viper extreme

i am looking at.

The funny thing is when i read up on viper extreme 2 the date is older than just the Viper extreme.I also read that the Viper extreme 9-11-9-27 can be set tighter to 8-9-8-24 2000mhz and 6-7-6-20 @ 1600mhz 1.5v

It seems like that the supplier only have stock on Patriot PX736G2000ELK 6GB (3X2) 9-11-9-27 2000Mhz. I saw reviews on these 5/1/2011 so it can't be old or older.

please help me in my confusion.

If i must get corsair dominator 8-8-8-24 2000mhz then i must wait until end Feb. the reviews on patriot seems better than corsair.The Patriot PX736G2000ELK 6GB (3X2) 9-11-9-27 2000Mhz could reach 2142mhz 9-10-9-27 @ 1.64v
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  1. Patriot makes some great ram but the first question to ask is what motherboard are you putting this ram into and will it support 2000mhz triple channel ram. Post back with what your system is right now so we can better answer your question. Typically the lower the number in the timings the faster the ram, but a lower timing at a mhz higher speed can be just as good or better if your mobo will support it.
  2. You don't need 2000 mhz sticks, regardless of what board you're using. All modern chipset will default to 1333 mhz, and you'll need to overclock to get anything higher. You generally aren't going to get a useful overclock above 1600-1800 mhz, which means the lower speed, lower latency sticks will not only save you money, but perform better and be more stable.

    I wouldn't get anything over 1600 mhz. Look for a CAS Latency 7 set (7-7-7-x) or a CAS Latency 6 set (6-6-6-x). Those will be more stable and a much better buy than those faster models.
  3. i7 980x@3.68Ghz//Coolermaster v8 cooler//Asus Rampage Extreme 2//Corsair Dominator 3x2gb Ram 1600Mhz 8-8-8-24//Asus HD 5870 stock//Antec Signatute 850w psu//Corsair F120 ssd//3x 2tb Western Digital black//Zalman GT900 case with Zalman zm-mfc2
  4. I am planning on running those ram @1600Mhz with cl6 timings as i cant find 1600mhz ram lower than lc7
  5. This post is assuming that you haven't already bought everything. I'm also assuming until further notice that this build is primarily used for gaming.

    I know you're probably not in the US, and can't use Newegg, so the exact prices are going to be off. Still, the advice holds true in the vast majority of cases.

    Why are you spending $1,000 on a CPU and only around $250 on the GPU? You're getting an extremely unbalanced machine. IF (and that's a HUGE if) you actually need the 980X, whatever you're likely to be doing would benefit greatly from a nVidia GPU. The GTX 570 would be a better option in that budget range. I highly recommend dropping the CPU down to the i7-950, or the new Sandy Brigde i7-2600 if available, and putting that extra $700 towards DUAL GTX 580s.

    If you stick with either the 980X or 950, switch the board for a Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R. It's a good $150 cheaper than the Rampage, yet you don't lose anything useful.

    If you go the i7-2600 route, grab a Gigabyte GA-P67A-UD4 for about $170 less.

    Are those Dominators your only choice? That series of sticks are usually extremely overpriced. You'd do better to get a set of Corsair's XMS3, or really any non-OCZ sticks. The ones with the same specs should be a lot cheaper.
  6. Yes you are right,i am in South Africa and not all is freely available. As far as the 980x goes i had a 920.I got the 980x at a really good price. If i should convert rands to dollars you looking at under $700.I got the 5870 before nvidia launched their gt400 series so nvidea will pretty much be my next upgrade. My 5870 cost also near 700$ as everything here is like almost double the price. To give you an idea of what a 980x will cost you are looking at $1550+ here and no jokes that's why i grabbed the 980x.There's no way that i am changing my setup as everything already cost a bit and 2nd hand value is nothing.I am actually still trying to sell my 920 haha.

    I do some video editing sometimes so will probably win a bit there.Gaming yes and most of the time.

    The only reason why i am getting faster ram (as the dominators in post being current) is because i am getting poorer memory performance sins i got the 980x.I am pretty much starting to max everything on this board/socket.This setup i have for more than a year now. Started with a 4890 that changed to 5870 and recently my 920 to 980x.

    Found differences of patriot ram mentioned above.Had the names wrong...stupid me.
    Patriot PV236G2000LLKB 6GB (3X2) 8-8-8-24 2000Mhz Viper II (older) 2009
    Patriot PX736G2000ELK 6GB (3X2) 9-11-9-27 2000Mhz Viper extreme (newer) 2010
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