Problem with sound card!?

I'm having a problem with my PC sound.
All of a sudden my pc sound stopped working. But with the same PC speakers, the sound of my Playstation 3 works fine on them. But now it is only working with the subwoofer and the right satellite speaker.

Acutally, the PC sound work, but I have to put it to the max to hear, and even though the sound is very low. And on the PC, just the right satellite works... Not even the subwoofer.

And also, earphones doesn't work on my PC...

Is it a sound card problem? My sound card actually is onboard...

Thanks everyone!
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  1. Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the sound drivers..? Also, check with the windows volume control panel.. Sometimes a particular channels audio gets lowered there..
  2. I´ll try that
  3. sometimes the jacks get tweaked and won't output, even though everything appears to work. Try jiggling the connection to see if it helps. Try different cords.
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