Hd 4870 1GB or hd 5770? wich one?

ok guys my gtx 480 decided to stop working. i would like to know if a 4870 1gb is faster than a 5770. i have a 4870 1gb as my spare video card but a friend of mine wants it so he can crossfire his, in return he would give me a diamond 5770. so is the 5770 a upgrade? or a downgrade? i know both of these card are a downgrade from my gtx 480(will RMA). i don't game that much anymore so i was thinking of selling the gtx and either buying a second 4870 or a second 5770 depending on how you guys rate each card.

one more thing, my monitors dvi port stopped working any idea how i can get it to work again?
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  1. With the new drivers the 5770 should be on par with the 4870 but it has a lower power consumption and it's cooler so get that.

    But better get a HD 6850, it's not much more and sensibly better. For the monitor, borrow a cable and try with it.

    LE: You can get a GTX 460 as well.
  2. If you are not interested in DirectX11 then i suggest you HD 4870 as it beats HD 5770 in most of the games but the main advantage of an 5770 is its great DX11 support and low power consumption and low temperatures.

    Also, in crossfire,4870 combination is MONSTER but then temperature is also a worry.
    I suggest you getting 5770 as in crossfire it is not very far from 4870 and temperatures are also DECENT.
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