Gtx 460 upgrade?

hey guys i need you advice, im thinking of upgrading to a evga gtx460 card

my current specs are
intel e8400 3ghz
xfx 780i mobo
4gb ddr2 ram
xfx 9800gtx+

is the new 460 gona help much or is the intel chip or ram just going to be a bottle neck?

cheers for any help
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  1. sorry forgot to mention i have silverstome 560w psu
  2. my guess is with that system you're going to see a nice performance increase in the dx11 games, but not so much with some of the older games.
  3. There will be no bottleneck especially if you overclock that E8400 to 3.4/3.6 or better as they are great overclockers.

    I upgraded from an EVGA 9800GTX+ to an EVGA GTX460 and my FPS basically doubled.

    Your PSU is fine.
  4. awsome guys good tips,

    is it true ati's new ards are coming out dec/jan? so then gefore cards will drop in price?
  5. Close :p Ati already released the 6xxx series and the GTX460 has already dropped in price. The 1GB models that were $240 at initial release are closer to $200 now and you can find them even cheaper with rebates if you shop around.
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