Suggest a sound card.

suggest a sound card now my options are

whats ur suggestion among my list . u r not bound to choose from them . but plzzzz chosse in AUZENTECH and HT OMEGA

whatever the sound card u suggest give me its NEWEGG ,, EBAY ,,, AMAZON link . because im IN PAKISTAN i CAN ONLY BUY FROM THESE SITES
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  1. plzzzz response
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    Forte 7.1 is very good, run my logitech z5500 with it, chrystal clear sound!

  3. thanks did u get DTS and DOLBY DIGITAL SOUNd plzzz replyy plzz hurry up
  4. to r3m_wolvy im very much thankful to u
    plzzz tell u r using FORTE . r u getting DTS /digital /dolby sound through optical out
    also give me AUZENTECH forte link from EBAY or AMAZON or NEWEGG
  5. plzzz reply r3m_wolvy
  6. The Forte is fully capable of DD/DTS output over optical, as well as real-time encoding to either format.

    You also might want to take a look at the Auzentech Meridian 2G...
  7. whats special in auzentech meridian 2g over forte . also tell me best gaming card from ht omega and auzentech . i dont want to upgrade it frequently just want to buy a sound card which is future proof .
  8. Here's something that covers just about everything:

    $50: Asus Xonar DS

    $90: Asus Xonar D1(x)

    $150: (surround): Auzen X-Meridian
    $150: (headphone): Auzen X-Fi Forte

    $190: (headphone): Xonar Essence ST(X) [Only if you don't plan on doing a surround setup]

    $200(240): HT Omega Claro Halo (XT) [Halo if you use headphones, Halo XT if you want analogue surround]

    I'll explain those choices if there's something you want to know about them.

    PLEASE, avoid creative whenever possible. Their drivers are just flat-out terrible, and there are a lot better choices than something that will be constantly crashing your computer.
  9. i need sound card for gaming . not for headphones . i will be running z5500 . but auzentech forte is not available on amazon , newegg and ebay . im in pakistan i can only buy from these stores. so should i go for HT omega PLUS + . or u sugggest me card but also give me its link from ebay amazon or newegg
  10. Here's an important question: When you say you need it for gaming, are you buying it for the improved sound quality, or because you want more FPS? If it's for quality, then by all means, go ahead. One of Auzen's X-Fi cards will be your best choice. If you're planning on buying one for additional FPS, then don't waste your money - it would be better spend somewhere else. Sound cards these days have barely any impact, if any, on performance.

    The HT Omega Claro isn't made for gaming. Besides, the Auzen X-Meridian is a much, much better card than the Claro Plus, as far as I've seen. Higher quality components, more customizable (all replaceable OPAMPS), and is cheaper. Trust me - go with the list I posted. It has the best options for basically every price range. I know, the Claro+ is more expensive, but all you paid for is a slightly better Stereo OPAMP. The X-Meridian is basically a better version of the Claro; if you're running a surround-sound setup, the Claro+ would only give you marginally better sound out of your front two speakers only - other than that, it's the same as the standard Claro. The X-Meridian is just a better card.

    Your problem is where to purchase them from, though... a lot of Auzen's cards are only available through their online store. If you're sure you can only use places like the three online retailers you listed, then I'll have to do a little searching to find something that will work for you.
  11. i use windows 7
    and im using mobo audio . i need more crisper sound . i know modern cards have sound cards. i have GTX 560ti .
  12. Go for any of the options given above as I think all are equally nice and would be useful from gaming point of view.
  13. @someguynamedmatt: I would NOT recommend the ASUS D2(X) at this point, as pricewise, it doesn't make enough sense with the Auzentech Meridian 2G, HT Omega Claro, Xonar Xense, not to mention the Forte in the same price range. A very solid card, but one I wouldn't pay above $120 or so for. (Just to clarify, when I refer to the Meridian, I'm refering to the 2G refresh, not the origional)

    Also, I'd recommend the Essence ST over the STX, due to its jitter-clock which the STX lacks.

    As for the Claro/Meridian 2G debate, I now point out they use the same C-media chipset...[Almost all non-Xfi soundcard use the same 2 or 3 C-media reference designs...]

    Back to the OP:

    The Forte is the easiest card to recommend because it does everything well [headphone and analog surround], even if its a little bit older then some of the newer cards [Meridian 2G, Essence ST/STX. Claro Halo XT].
  14. ^I second that.
    Yep. I have an X-Fi Forte myself, now, and it's really a well rounded card that does just about everything perfectly.

    I'm really not sure what to put in the $180-range in terms of non-headphone based cards, really... You're right, though - when you really think about it, it just isn't worth the price difference when you have all those other options available for so much less. The performance doesn't justify the cost. I'll have to edit my list a little...

    Claro/Meridian debate: Yes, they do use the same C-Media chipset, which is the exact reason I lean towards the Meridian on this one. When you look at the feature set and component selection, Auzen's card just seems to be more rounded, customizable, and user-friendly than the Claro. I like to refer to the replaceable OPAMPS, in specific - sure, the Claro's are replaceable, but if you ever wanted to upgrade your Meridian, all that's required is a quick trip to their site to determine 1) what will fit, and 2) what type of sound you want. It's that easy.
  15. ^^ Yeah, the Meridian 2G is shacking up a lot of my list these days, as its basically kicked out the D2(X), and made it really hard to recommend even the Xense.

    At the $180 range, right now, is kind of a "no mans land" in terms of price. The Xense is probably the best card, but I just find it hard to recommend over a Forte [not enough performance benifit] or the ST/STX for just a little more.

    Really, theres a LOT of overlapping options right now. Frankly, I'm shocked the market can support all the models out there right now...
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  17. Sorry dude haven't replied again, yes it supports Dolby dts its an awesome combo with the z5500, hope you enjoy it.
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