Stupid Network is being stupid (more than usual)

dont take it personal. but im ....... off.
so i got a used netgear prosafe vpn firewall, but it wont work.
its an netgear fvs318 v1...
my modem/gateway is a 2wire at&t 2700hg-b
my gigabit switch is a dlink dgs-2208

original config (works)
OK: 2wire modem--->dlink--->my computers and wired laptops,
OK: 2wire modem--->mom's powerbook g3 mac, and
OK: 2wire modem---->my wifi laptops

when i add the netgear:
FAIL: 2wire modem-->netgear-->dlink-->my copmuters and wired laptops
FAIL: 2wire modem--->netgear--->mom's mac laptop
OK: 2wire modem--->my wifi laptops

OK=internet works
FAIL= internet doesnt work :(

please help me, im sick and tired of my network

***PS: one last thing: would it even enhance the security of my network to add the netgear thing? oris it not worth the time?***
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  1. I had a FVS318 and it worked problem free for me.

    Are you putting the 2700hg-b in bridge mode?
    I have bridged cable and DSL modems to connect my FVS318.

    In bridge mode the modem is no longer routing and is simply a pass through device.
    The FVS318 then assumes the routing for the internet.

    Check out this link for bridge mode.

    FVS318 will choke down a 15Mb internet connection. It can't handle that high of a connection speed.
    I replaced my FVS318 with a FVS338 and sold my FVS318 on eBay to recoup some of the money.
  2. ok! ill check it out!
  3. oh and im not worried about it slowing my internet down. i have a 768kbps connection.

    so will this thing even make my network more secure?
  4. update: i dont get it :( their modem has different wording than mine :( same model so either they have a different version (if thats possible), or im being idiotic :( (which is very poosible
  5. Try to find instructions an setting the modem in bridge mode at AT&T or Google for them.

    If I remember the FVS318 will throttle down anything over 5Mb so you should be OK on speed.

    The FVS318 has more firewall rules that you can use to secure your connection.
    If you haven't already, download the manual from Netgear.
    Also check and see if you have the latest firmware installed in the FVS318. If not,
    you can download it also.

    The VPN feature is what I needed to make a secure connection to work from my home office.
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