Lookinh to buy...

Hey guys, I'm looking for advice. Is this system worth $750?

CPU-AMD 1090T - 6 Core
Motherboard-Asus Crosshair iii
Ram- 4gb ddr3 kingston
HD - Seagate 500GB HDD
GPU- ati 5770
PSU Silverstone 850 watt
Case-Antec P182 Mirror

All parts are new except the motherboard.

Help out a newbie :D
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  1. $750 is pretty close for a new build using those parts.
  2. Thanks for the reponse. My other option is a refurbished Acer Predator with a monitor, mouse and keys for about $650(no warranty). I know the GPU is not great, but I can easily upgrade it.

    Acer Predator AG5900-E3522 desktop
    Intel Core i7-870@ 2.93GHz/ 6GB DDR3/ 1.5TB HDD/ ATI 5570
    w/22" Acer LCD

    How does this price/specs compare to the custom pc?

    Thanks again!
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