Single 8GB RAM, instead of 2x4GB

I will be purchasing this motherboard MSI Z68A-GD65 on Win7 64-bit installed on a 120GB SSD (SATA III) and running it all on a i5-2500K CPU. The MB can utilize 32GB of RAM.

Will I ever need 32GB of RAM, I do a lot of video editing, downloading/uploading and video streaming.

If it is reasonable that I will want to cap my memory eventually (sometime over the next 3 -4 years) I will probably just buy a single 8GB memory instead of 2x4GB.

Is there a problem with using just 1 8GB instead of 2x4GB?

Thank you!
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    There are two problems I see with a single 8GB module:
    1. 8GB modules are more expensive than two 4GB modules, often more expensive than four 4GB modules.
    2. A single module would not be run in dual channel and would thus lower performance slightly compared to two or four 4GB modules.

    Your best bet would probably be to get two or four 4GB modules for now and wait until 8GB modules become priced reasonably. Considering how that may be a year or a few years you might be ready to get a new computer by the time the price comes down.

    Also worth mentioning is that 8GB DDR3 modules may never be cheap and you will have to either deal with the price or wait until DDR4 comes out and makes 8GB modules affordable.
  2. Any thoughts into if I would ever actually utilize 32GB of RAM on the system?
  3. I know I would, but I'm a fan of virtual machines and RAM drives. On a gaming PC I can say you would need to have a large RAM drive and several background tasks running while playing a game at maxed out settings to get close to using 32GB reasonably, or some other extreme situation. You could probably fit a virtual machine or tow into the previous mess before you max out.
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  5. Thanks for helping!
  6. Your welcome.
  7. hey here 8gb ram is cheaper than 2x4gb ...and will u advice me to buy it?
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