Black screen, no POST, suspecting a dead CPU...

Hey everyone,

Ok, i bought a new HSF(Noctua D14) for my Phenom II X4 955. I had problems removing the stock HSF however(the thermal gum that comes on AMD heatsinks is like super glue, seriously) and i pulled the heatsink from the mobo with the CPU still intact. I think i didnt bend any pins, but when i tried to get it loose i used all sorts of stupid methods like blowing with a hairdryer and even putting it in the freezer in a zip bag. Read on some forums that suggested that... :??:
Anyway, i got the HSF off by wiggling it vigoriously, and i think i got it properly in place when installing the Noctua. However now that i power it up, fans are spinning but no POST and no HDD activity. Only a solid green light on the mobo just indicating powerup(according to mobo manual). Now im just really angry that i was stupid enough to do the freezer trick because there was some condensation when i took it out, and thats what i think its the problem.

Any suggestions before buying a new CPU?

CPU AMD Phenom 2 X4 955 BE
RAM Kingston 2X2GB DDR3 1333mhz
GPU Sapphire HD6850
PSU Xigmatek NRP PC-602 600W
HDD Samsung Spinpoint F2 1TB
OS Win7 64-Bit
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  1. The easiest method to remove a heatsink is to run the system at full load for about 20minutes. This allows the thermal paste to become less solid and makes removal much easier.

    Putting the CPU in a freezer was probably a very stupid idea as it would make it more difficult to remove.
  2. The idea with the freezer was to make the TIM brittle so it could easily be cracked off...

    EDIT: Would anyone have ways on how to test if the CPU really is dead?
  3. About the only way to test a CPU is by substitution. You either put the questionable CPU in a working system or you replace the questionable CPU with a known good one.
  4. Oh ***, i forgot to plug that little 4-pin 12V to the top of the MB... Got it back on and now it boots.
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