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I am running an ASUS P5b-vm board with a 3220 quad core cpu, Win 7 64 bit, 8GB RAM. The system only shows 5.93 usable. So after some research, I find I have to enable Memory Remapping. I do this and the system sees the full 8GB but the fan becomes obnoxiously loud. When I disable the memory remapping the fan goes back to near silent. I've been through the BIOS, doesn't look like there is a setting to throttle the fan back.... I have made sure Max Memory is unchecked in msconfig->boot->advanced..... Any ideas? I'd really like to use the full 8GB....
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  1. Memory remapping seems to cause greater amounts of heat to be produced. I have no experience with this problem and never had any difficulty with my 16GB on my Phenom II with recognizing the whole 16GB.

    A solution may be to buy a better cooler, good ones really aren't expensive. What cooler are you using and is your CPU overclocked?
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