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Shot-circuit vga card

well this happens long time ago, and i have my new graphic card now, but i always wanted to know if it could be fixed... the thing is like this, i got a new PC from my birthday, this GATEWAY GT4230M with a C2Q Q6600 and 4GB of ram... a wonderfull machine, but without a decent graphic card... i get an XFX nvidia geforce 8800 GS alpha dog edition... everything good for a year and so, but then one day suddenly after a "this program requires to restart"... the pc never start again... my room is an oven, and i know that oem-Cabinet never have a good air-flow... when i can get my PC back to live, the VGA was dead... the strange think is that EVERY part of the card conduct electricity.. i mean... if i put one of the multimeter probes in ANY part of the graphic card... lets say... one of the power +5v conectors.. and then i start touching any random component of the card with the other probe, i get the "beep" of continuity, it doesn't matter where i put the probes... i always get the "beep"... then i think "god, this thing if beyond repair" and give up oh, btw everytime i plug the power of the vga it "click" the PSU and shut it down (shot-circuit?)... but still i want to know if i'm right... can anyone help me out?

(and sorry for my bad English, i'm Spanish)
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    Forget the multimeter it is only confusing you. Graphics cards fail for three main reasons the first is due to the GPU overheating and burning out, there is nothing that you can do about this other than seeing if you can return the card under warranty. The second reason is faulty capacitors that you can often see are faulty because the top of the capacitor is bulging or electrolyte is leaking, you can replace the capacitors yourself but you will invalidate the warranty. The third reason is the output video DAC is blown up caused by plugging in the monitor with the monitor switched on due to differences in earth potentials. Again there is nothing you can do about this other than try and return the graphics card under warranty.

    Have you checked that the fan is ok? Try disconnecting the fan temporarily and see if the power supply still shuts down.
  2. thanks for reply

    now that you mention the first possible reason... i remember something, when i unplug the card the first time for check it, the fan was burn, mostly by the plastic part arround the motor, the plastic was melt, so i think it was overheating....... anyway warranty is off-the-limits :D they said "it expired three month ago" so, theres nothing i can do about it, and all the capacitors seems ok... the only thing i can think about get a gun and shoot.... i mean, do you think that re-soldering could help?

    oh, i forgot, i had change the fan and it "trying to spin" but the power supply still shuts down right after I press power. (and i even try without fan connected... the same)
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