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Hi ^_^ and thanks in advance.
I am about to buy a new system but I would like to hear some opinions about the build.
System Specs:
CPU: I5 2500k
GPU: Gainward GTX460 GS GLH or Gigabyte GTX560 Super Overclock
Sound Card: ASUS Xonar Xense
Case: Thermaltake Element V or HAF X or HAF 932/932 Advanced
Monitor: ASUS 19" (old one reused, no need for new one right now)
PSU: Corsair GS600W Gaming Series 80+ ?

Now for the questions:
1. Does anyone know if there is an incompatibility between the onboard audio on the MB and the Xense because I remember I saw a review that said there was no way to have 2 sound cards when they had the Xense installed. I don't want two at the same time the Xense will do just fine. ^_^
2. Which of the cases has the best cooling. I don't plan on using anything but air at the moment.
3. Not sure about the PSU can anyone tell me if there is a better one for this system ?
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  1. my choice on the case would be the HAF X, it has solid cooling (see the link)
    i own that PSU, it runs silent and delivers its power. it's fine if you can get a good price on it.
  2. Do you plan to run SLI later (two video cards)? Get some other mobo anyway, the PCIex1 slot (used by the sound card) is right below the video card one so it will mess up with the airflow and cooling of the video card. Get an ATX mobo. Get the 560 or a HD 6950 ( for gaming) but read below about the monitor.

    Link to the RAM. Get a new full HD monitor, those video cards are overkill for your current one, ditch the sound card if you have to.

    This is a very good case

    Get the Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB.
  3. Why are you getting 6GB of ram? Your processor only supports dual channel memory, go with 4GB or 8Gb. Using three sticks in that motherboard will cause it to operate in single channel mode, halving memory bandwidth.
  4. Glad I at least had a good PSU choice. ^_^
    Yeah I was thinking about an SLI of 560s when I get the new monitor. (I will get it later this year and it will be either an ASUS 27" or a Samsung 27" btw don't mind the price on that page because it's not the real one here I get it for 300$ less then what they say there) I know a 24" one would be just fine but the price difference is pretty small.
    Do you have any suggestion about a MB with 2 PCIex16 that can use the Xense and 2 GTX560s?
    I copied the wrong RAM in the description that one was above the one I was looking at and the price was 3$ difference so my bad and thanks for pointing out the 6 GB error. ^_^
    Corsair XMS3 — 8GB Dual Channel DDR3
    The 8GB kit is in the QVL of this MB P8P67 PRO
    Is there something wrong with the HDD from Seagate ? The Samsung and Seagate are 5$ apart and I thought that I should go with the extra 500GB.
    Again thanks for the help everyone. ^_^
  5. Hopefully the sound card will clear the RAM slots (top PCIex1 slot). There are alternatives, Asus Sabretooth, Gigabyte.

    If it's 7200.12 the Seagate is fine, (not 7200.11, .10). I don't know about NCQ.

    That PSU is too weak for SLI, you need a good 750W.
  6. The 900 Mhz 560 Ti is the best GFX card buy on the market. Two 560's substantially outperforms (by 40%) the 580 for $70 less.

    PSU is weak. If ya get the HAF-X, I'd suggest the XFX Black Edition 750 or 850 and its 10.0 performance rating (per . Either can support two 560's in SLI but I'd be more comfy with the headroom on the 850 ....

    However, your looking at $280 for the HAF-X aand GS600. . You could have the DF-85 w/ Antec CP-850 for a bit less. The CP-850 is in a class by itself but won't fit in the HAF-X.

    It is completely unmatched by any ATX unit on the market I can think of. You'd have to spend twice as much as this thing costs to find the next best thing, performance wise.

    In the last 6 months, I have done builds w/ the HAF-X, HAF-922, HAF-932 and DF-85. From a build standpoint, the DF is a much easier build.....feature wise, the HAF-X comes in a close 2nd. The HAF 922/932 are just too out of date, no USB 3 front ports for example.

    But aesthetics is a big factor in case choice and ya like what ya like. Again, if ya do get the HAF-X, the XFX Black 750 is just $10 more than the GS PSU you listed .... but w/ twin GFX cards, assuming you buy yaself another one as a XMas present, the 850 will provide a bit extra headroom at $130

    RAM - Not sure what modules you are referring to but avoid hi profile RAM, fan attachments or anything that makes RAM taller.

    Also, this anadtech article provides another slant on the "CAS don't matter" in gaming argument

    22.3 % (SLI) increase in minimum frame rated w/ C6 instead of C8 in Far Cry 2
    18% (single card) / 5% (SLI) increase in minimum frame rated w/ C6 instead of C8 in Dawn of war
    15% (single card) / 5% (SLI) increase in minimum frame rated w/ C6 instead of C8 in World in Conflict

    On a budget box, I will use $100 set of (2 x 4GB) CAS 9 (6GB is for 1366 boxes)

    $84 CORSAIR CMX8GX3M2A1600C9 ($15 MIR)

    AT $1500 system price and above, I use these:

    $145 Mushkin l 996981

    The big three HD's are the Spinpoint F3, Seagate 7200.12 (7200.11 is a clunker ... bad firmware, 7200.10 is one of the most reliable models ever built, but old and slow by today's standards) and WD Black. There is no overall winner. ....check what does best in your apps here and pick accordingly:,1016.html?prod[2777]=on&prod[3016]=on&prod[2365]=on

    Of course you could up the Ante w/ one fo the new Seagate XT models but that adds $100 to build costs for the 2 GB model

    As to your questions ....

    1. Unless you have $1,000 speaker system, I wouldn't bother with a separate sound card. You won't be able to hear the difference between the sound card and on board sound on anything less.

    2. The DF and HAF-X are relatively equal cooling wise .... the CP-850 in the DF-85 runs much cooler and quieter due to its CPX form factor.

    3. Answered above

    4. Alternate MoBo choices - The P8P67 newegg combo is great and the sound card issue goes away with o board sound

    But if ya want both GFX cards to do x16 x16 (all other mentioned in this thread do x8 x8) and eliminate the sound card worry, would recommend the WS Revolution
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