Building a Sandy Bridge system

I'm about to build a new rig and the parts are supposed to arrive tomorrow:
asrock P67 EXTREME4 P67

...except for the GPU (6950) which I ordered from a different company and isn't showing up until next week.

I know that the p67 can't use the onboard gpu but -- because I'm impatient -- is it possible to build the system w/o the GPU to get it up and running and then just plug in the card when it arrives next week or do I need to just wait?

This is the first real system I've had in... 10 years?! so I'm pretty excited to get it working.
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  1. wait what? Sandy Bridge CPU's have onboard video.
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    ^ Yes all the SBs have onboard video,...,2833-10.html

    And No @dsarchs you can use it as you would need the video out on the mobos(H67 boards) to utilize the onboard video of those CPUs, So you would have to wait till your graphic card arrives,...
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  4. Thanks -- that's what I thought.
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