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Hi guys ! Having a hard time here. Running an i72700k on this board. Using g.skill sniper series 1600 1.6v. Gtx 275 and Roseville 1000watt supply. VGA led stays on and so I tried changing graphics card, still stayed on until I changed ram to 1.5v . Can my boardnot handle 1.6v ram?
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  1. your post is sort of cryptic, but i can tell you that you should set the ram to 1333mhz and 9-9-9-24 1.5v , before you do anything else.
  2. Sorry, its a pain in the ass typing on this touchpad since no computer. Oh right I forgot to mention that even when my gtx 275 is inserted, and I use the 1.5v ram, it still won't show display. I've read on a couple other forums about not getting enough power to gpu but I have 1000 watt PSU. So if I am able to set the ram speed I'll be able to use my gskill sniper series ram at 1.6v ? Btw thanks for the quick reply. I appreciate it.
  3. UPDATE: So moving some more stuff around, I decided to use an old graphics card I had from another computer a while back. This card actually posted which then leads me to the conclusion that the Motherboard is not the issue here...perhaps. Does anyone know if GTX 275 is compatible with this z68 chipset or does that have nothing to do with it? Going back and forth here, my Graphics card was working 10 minutes before i swapped boards and I was grounded so I couldn't have shocked it. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!
  4. the graphics card standard hasn't changed in quite some time, there aren't any compatibility issues with your card. it's all standard pci-express x16.
  5. Do you think my graphics card is dead?? Also the old card works MOST of the time. Other times it also hangs on the VGA LED light. I just swapped out my mobo for another one and still same issues. What's going on?!?! X___x
  6. it would help if you explained the situation with a little more detail. some facts that would help to clarify your situation such as: was this a working computer at one time? or you were building this computer and haven't been able to get it to work yet? are you able to get into the bios, but not able to get into windows? are you getting to the post screen at all? etc.

    you are using an old video card which works sometimes? what does this mean? it works meaning you can boot into windows? or what?
  7. Ah! Sorry let me start from beginning.
    P8z68 Deluxe Gen3
    CPU :i7- 2700k
    Ram: G.Skill Sniper 1600 DDR3
    GPU: GTX 275
    HDD: Hitachi 1TB 3gb/s 7200
    PSU: Rosewill 1000 watt

    So yes, this is a first build with this board. I already had the GTX 275 and decided I wanted to use it with this build. Initial boot no post. Tried swapping out ram with old ram which uses lower voltage and still no luck. Then tried old card and it booted to BIOS. Used this card to install windows to my drive and then decided to try and switch back to GTX 275. Still no luck. BTW old card doesn't require power like the GTX.

    And yes it works sometimes (the old card i mean). Example sometimes when I boot it with a USB Dynex Keyboard plugged in, the VGA LED would come on and no post, but if I take out the USB keyboard it'll display. If I hit the reset button on my case, sometimes it would hang on the VGA LED also and no post until I acutally have to shut down and turn back on.

    So basically, the computer can post with old card that doesn't require power (most of the time) and doesn't post at all with GTX 275. the fan on my GTX 275 is spinning so I'm assuming it's getting enough power.
    Thanks again!
  8. if your keyboard is a variable in this equation, you got some real weird shite goin on. get another usb keyboard and see if it does the same thing.
  9. True, I'm waiting on one in the mail. But even when keyboard isn't connected my GTX doesn't post. :/ No idea what the hell is going on. I was thinking about going to Best Buy tomorrow to pick up a GTX 560 and see if that works and if it doesn't then something is REALLY wrong. -__-
  10. more than likely you have a bad motherboard, or you just screwed something up somewhere in the process. one thing that comes to mind, you said the other older video card will get the system to post....are you forgetting to put the pci-e plugs from the psu into the new video card maybe? heh. i really wouldn't bother going and buying another video card, the fact that your keyboard is having an effect on system post points to something else. more than likely you got a bad motherboard, or you just didn't install something at some point properly. did you try putting the video card in different slots on the motherboard?
  11. Well it can't be the motherboard because I swapped them out already. I returned it back to amazon for a replacement. Unless both motherboards are faulty, it might just be the whole series? Yeah I plug my GTX in with the PSU cables. I have no way of testing to see if the card still works or not.

    I was planning on returning the card though lol. Just gonna buy it and try it out and see if it posts, if it does, then it's the card, if not...something else.
  12. the fact that your keyboard is having any effect, is a pretty good indication swapping more video cards is just going to be a waste of your time. did you try putting the card in one of the other slots on the motherboard? also did you try and boot with just 1 memory chip instead of 2?
  13. Yes and yes. Tried it in the 2nd PCI-e slot, fail. Tried it with one stick of RAM, fail.
  14. you tried clearing the cmos with the cmos jumper?
  15. Haha yessir I did. No avail. I have no idea what's going on. Went to GeekSquad asked them and they didn't know. Asked a tech at Staples and he was baffled too.
  16. did you try removing the motherboard from the case and putting it on some non static material, then booting it? (no offense to anyone at geeksquad or staples, but the knowledge base on this web page is quite a bit more significant).
  17. also is the bios version flashed up to date for the 2700k?
  18. I'm not sure if the BIOS is flashed for the 2700k but if the computer boots with the other card, would that really be an issue? And with the motherboard, you mean put it on the anti-static plastic that the mobo came with boot it? I haven't tried that. Would that be different?
  19. you need bios 0706 to run the 2700k. unless it's a deluxe/gen3 but i don't think that is what you have.
  20. Lol I told you I had that board! That's my board! :>
  21. well ***, there is only 1 bios for that can try taking the board out and booting it off cardboard or something antistatic, in case there is a short somewhere.
  22. you are making me glad that i've been sticking with all p67 boards. if you look at the other z68 deluxe non gen3 it actually has a bios patch for usb keyboards...that is pretty f#%ed
  23. Would there only be a short though when I plug in the GTX? How come it works fine when I plug in the old card???
  24. hah works fine?? you said "it works sometimes". on top of the fact that the keyboard causes a negative system response. if i were in your shoes, i would get into the bios with the other card and disable like every non essential feature.
  25. Yeah. True. AHHH THIS IS SO ANNOYINGG!!! Been without a computer for 5 days. I just want it to workk!
  26. UPDATE!:

    Alright so I tried using my GTX 275 on my old Intel DP55WG board with an i7-960 with the same power supply and the same G.Skill Sniper Series 1600 1.6v RAM and...IT EFFING WORKS. So it's not my card, it's perfectly fine. It has to be motherboard issue here. Maybe it's not compatible with my card.
  27. hmm gee i know someone already said that, hmm who could it be? :P
  28. Haha right. Thanks you were right.

    But now I'm totally clueless as to what the hell is going on.
    The fact that it posts on the intel board means that i'm properly connecting the wires. I even double checked my new board.
  29. i wasn't going to say this because i didn't want to take any flack from anyone reading the thread, but one thing i was taught a long time ago was never buy new hardware (or even software in many cases). give the thing time to be out for a while and take a few patches updates etc. before you buy it. that motherboard has ONE bios! i would of stayed away from that thing for a good three months.
  30. I guess, but i saw some other people's build that they posted online and someone was running a GTX 560. X__x
  31. yea well even if you go buy a gtx 580 and it works great, i wouldn't be surprised if you then have another issue after that. remember the keyboard? the keyboard having any effect on the system's stability is a red flag.
  32. you paid like $270 for that thing? you should return it and get a p67 maximus. that board is so good, it's really something. and it's been out a while too. i set one up like 6 months ago and was the best board i've ever seen.
  33. UPDATE! PROBLEM SOLVED! I swapped out my card with a new GTX 560 TI and it works !!! Now if I only can get rid of that BOOT LED light hahaha!! THANKS FOR YOUR HELP MAN.
  34. yea man np. but like i said, don't be surprised if more problems persist until they start getting out some new bios.
  35. I've had this SAME issue, been on it 2 days, mine only seems to boot when i let it sit for a long time with power off.. or when i boot up hit the reset/power button like 10 times in a row and the reset cmos button.

    i7 2600k
    GTX 470
    16 GB RipJaw series X
    850 watt cougar PSU
    and the Asus delux (not gen3) the one time i did get in i updated bios to support the 22nm chips. restarted, and it wouldn't turn on again - funny thing when you get it on, it'll go fine if you hit the reset button, but if you POWER DOWN it will not boot back up, then you get the error code 96 and the VGA light is red.

    Sending it in for a new board, or swap it out for the gigabyte sniper2 1155 haha

    if you find anything out, shoot me an email - thanks!
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