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i just rebuild my computer i had a gateway Fx6800-01e i decided to keep the mobo and cpu since i have had no problems and got new memory,ssd,and a new case and every thing went fine untill i got to front panel connectors in my old case i only had one just for the power now in this case i have a bunch. any one can help i called gate way and they said to call Intel and Intel did nothing but put me on hold for 2hrs and then give me a guy that didn't know what he was talking about

MOBO:Gateway TBGM01
chipset:Intel x58

new case with all of the front panel connectors:cooler master HAF 932
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  1. If you don't get any diagrams to work with, just try each one until all the case lights and power switch work. They're all low voltage, so as long as you use the right cluster of pins (do not use the usb pins), then it won't hurt anything if you get them wrong the first time.
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    This is a Gateway only product. If they will not give you a layout diagram or manual for the thing you may be out of luck. If I were you, I would think about replacing it. You have a pretty much locked bios and the board does not overclock well. Your new memory will probably run at the lowest speed as these type of boards tend to default there. You are using an SSD and are you sure the board supports it (optimally?)? Here are some to look at ( I do think you will be happier and have a better system by replacing the MB.
  3. thank you for your input i think i will get a new Mobo because like you said the overclocking is bad and my memory is throttled and i cant do any thing about that plus newr mobos have diagram on the mobo lol just in case i lose my manual again :)
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