Another question on building my own.

Sorry of all the Q&As here. I have decided on one of 2 build options. As this will be my first ground up build. The biggest thing that is keeping me from building my own is one thing. I can put the parts in,pretty much did everything but the MB/PSU.

How or what is it to start up for the first time. I understand there will be no OS (I can install that ). But on that first start up,do you boot with the OS cd in,do you start in bios and do anything. Thats what I need to know. Is there a turitorial around? Thanks as always.
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  1. Easy stuff. You can either set your BIOS to run your computer the way you want first, or install the OS first by starting it with the windows CD in the drive.
    In the BIOS, set the RAM to the settings which they are programed to run at(if you're not overclocking) by setting the RAM speed to manual, and selecting the speed yourself. You may need to set the voltage to it's specified power as well. (not above 1.65v)
  2. I"m familar with bios (overclocking ect). Just never setup on that first build. Question here? I'm thinking the MB bios are automatic as far as boot devises.
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