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I have this HP workstation which has had a nvidia geforce 7600gs 256mb. Recently the display has stopped working (PC still running). When i opened it up it seems that the fan has stopped running (it was getting noisy so assume it has now stopped running - i can free it with my finger but it gets stuck again).

So i bought a geforce 9400 GT and whilst it fits and the fan runs the PC reports a graphics problem (via 6 beeps at boot up which is part of hp diagnostics). On closer investigation it seems that the new pcard is pci-e v2.0 and the old card is pci-e (no version so i assume was 1.0?).

So i am wondering if that is the prpblem. I read that not all pci e 2.0 cards are backwardly compatible.

So is this the reason this card isn't working ?

And if so what are the best cards for my PC ? (I am finding it very hard to search on differing forms of pci-e cards - you just get them all coming up and id rather than have to go through the fine details of the specification of each to work out which will work).

Thanks David
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  1. Hi

    Just wondering if anyone able to help with this ?

    Thanks, David
  2. A Radeon HD5450 works ok in my XW6200 if that helps
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