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I have an old Dimension E521 and recently its motherboard has been acting up. I was wondering if it would be possible to buy a new motherboard, and case and still use the DVD drive, Hard drive, Power Supply, Memory, and Processor from the old computer. The processor is a AMD Athlon 64, and I'm unsure of what kind of motherboard to buy, is it AM2 or AM2+? And how do you remove the old Thermal Grease from the processor?
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  1. ^ How much are you willing to spend ? IMO not a good idea to change the Mobo alone as those are pretty old,... Say for about $110, you get good Dual-Core CPUs with decent mobos,...
    Just make sure that the RAM you have is a DDR2 RAM,...
  2. Yes the Ram i have is DDR2, but why isn't it a good idea to use the old processor? The computer is only going to be used for some gaming but only really old games.
  3. ^
    1. To find a board that is compatible with old CPUs might be difficult
    2. As you can see buying a new CPU and mobo is not much costly, also the performance would be a lot better,...
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