Fresh Custom box, no frickin video!!!!!!

Hello all, new user here, just had a tech question that i would greatly appreciate some help on.

Just built a box with the following components:

--Biostar TP55 mobo
-- seagate 1tb 5900 rpm barracuda
-- ultra xblaster case
-- ultra LSP750 psu
--Corsair XMS3 4GB PC10666 DDR3 1333MHz 4096MB
--Sparkle GTX 460
-- samsung dvd/rw
Installed everything meticulously, followed every direction, the box fired up fine, but no video. also came with a broken driver/utilities cd.

Please lend me your insight!

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  1. another side note: this mobo has 8 led lights total-- led 1 and 2 come on, which according to the manual, means 'normal', but the other cluster of 6 leds, only 2 are on. vtt_D1 and vtt_d2 light up , but ph1_D1, PH2_D2, PH3_D3, and PH4_D4 are not illuminated. any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!
  2. hmm maybe i was mistaken, or the light pattern changed, but now led 1 is off and led 2 is on which means its a vga issue i guess(according to the manual)? also, PH1_d1 is on now, but the other PH leds are not lit up. do i have a DOA video card?
  3. Try resetting the video card--carefully take it out, examine the contact points and slot (but don't touch them) for paper or any other random thing obstructing it from connecting properly, and then click it back in.

    Also, it has its own power supply connector from the PSU, right? Make sure that's plugged in... Are the fans starting on the card when you power on your computer?
  4. yessir.. all fans are operational >.< im so sad.. i've been desktopless for a month now, waited 2 weeks for this thing to get here, and this... i hope im just dumb and did something wrong.. i don't wanna send this beast back :( but yeah, that is a good idea.. im gonna get some rest for now, but i will try reseating the card in the morning.. thanks for the advice!
  5. remove the gpu entirely, and see if system repeatedly beeps a code that no video adapter is found....

    DOes your mb have onboard video? (MIght need disabled in BIOS or with jumper)

    Double check cpu aux power connected from PSU to mainboard....
  6. Have you checked the RAM is in the correct slots? I had a similar issue when I built mine where it turned on fine but I got nothing on the monitor. I crazily decided to install the RAM in slots 1 and 3 (made sense to me) but on the P55 boards many of them require the RAM to be in slots 2 and 4
  7. hey asteldian, thanks for checkin out my post. I only have 1 4gb mem stick and i tried it in every slot for the heck of it. no luck :(
  8. Your list doesn't seem to have a CPU - you have it in there right? :)
    I don't suppose you have a spare graphics card to try?
    Do you have a spare DVI cable to go from GPU to monitor?
    Does your GPU have two slots for a cable? You may want to try the other one - I had a strange issue where my GPU and monitor would stop seeing each other and switching the cable to the other slot worked
  9. contacted biostar... they think it is defective ram and not my motherboard.. since i dont have extra sticks laying around, this is gonna be a real pain in the dick. i hope biostar isnt trying to shift accountability to the other component manufacturers.. anyone have problems with biostar customer service?
  10. cpu? whats a CPU?

    JK! forgot to mention i got an i7 870
  11. Just a question that probably has been answered. Did you plug in all the mobo power plugs. Including the 8 or 6 pin power to the mobo and the 24 pin power. Just checking :P
  12. yessir.. got the 6 pin atx and the 24 pin no problem

    unfortunately no onboard video to disable later.. onboard video blows imo, but it could deem useful when building a box.. hindsight is 20/20

    maybe i shouldve gone amd 1100t :P

    Really guys, thank you all for your input..

    i reseatd my processor, my video card, and tried my ram in every single spot to no avail. i moved the jumper pins to reset the cmos... i THINK.. did i do it right? it's 3 pins with a 2 pin jumper

    1 2 3
    ^ ^ ^
    l l

    1 2 3 supposed to illustrate the jumper moving to 2-3 for 5 secs then switching them back
    ^ ^ ^
    ll ll
    Jumper for cmos reset

    does anyone know how u reset the bios?

    just pull out the battery, run it without it for a bit to wear out remaining power, shut down, wait a few minutes, replace the battery, and fire her up? does it take a specific amount of time to wear out the battery? is there a speciffied time i should wait to fire her up with the battery back in? not in the manual for the mobo >.<
  13. maybe its the sparkle video card lol
  14. maybe... biostar doesnt think so

    i shouldve gone asus or msi products tho >.<

    rookie mistake
  15. yay! it's booted and im installing windows 7 on here.. but it's taking forever! never had windows 7 before
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