Best case for upgradability and cooling.

Hey guys.

I am building a new system for gaming, and I am having trouble choosing a good case.

The max I would want to spend is $150.

When voting, I would appreciate if you would give a quick explanation as to why you made your choice; same goes for those who pick "other."

I would like to know if any of these cases would have any issues with fitting the parts inside.

Parts which I will be putting in the case are:

standard 750 watt ATX PSU
ATX mobo
Corsair A70 or CM Hyper 212 PLUS
AMD 68xx, or 69xx
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  1. I voted for the HAF 932 but the 922 will fit everything you specified and is about 50 dollars cheaper buy from amazon for free shipping

    I have the 922 and it is a great case, great cable management and great cooling I'm running it with stock fans but am soon going to add another fan to make it even cooler
  2. I voted other. I used a
    for my last pc build and its 149.00 atm with a mail in rebate which takes you to 129.99. Slightly more cooling than the 932 and still save some cash.
  3. looks big and beautiful but azza isn't a top case manufacturer good deal of features for the price, don't like the aesthetics personally
  4. yeah, but it works nice considering lol. and you have a ton of upgrade space
  5. read some reviews and seems to be preety competitive with the cooler master HAF 932 it could be a good choice
  6. The Fractal would be my choice. The sad thing is they haven't entered the US market so Newegg doesn't really sell them. But I've actually looked at some full towers for my future water cooling build and the Fractal is a really good budget case. The case offers a lot of features replicating the 800D somewhat.

    I actually praise Fractal for great design at a low price. I might look into their cases once they reach Newegg. As of now I'm looking at the NZXT Phantom or HAF X since both offer big space for a lowish price. The HAF X would be on a high budget of course.
  7. Hey everyone!

    Thanks for all the feedback. I'll be purchasing and building a new rig soon, so much thanks. I live in Vancouver, BC, so NCIX is my prime source since there are a few shops close to home. Right now, all of the cases listed, with the exception of the Azza are sold here. I am leaning towards the NZXT and Fractal right now, and maybe the HAF 932. Personally, I really like the rugged look of the HAF, especially with all the space, but in terms of aesthetics, it's more of a war between the NZXT and Fractal.
  8. OH I didn't even notice you had Phantom as one of your choice, the Phantom is defiantly a case to be reckoned with. It even has a fan controller which is pretty sweet and especially the design was made with the mind of enthusiasts. The only thing that draws me away from either case is the no side panel window but that is kind of whatever if you get me =P
  9. CM Storm Sniper:

    CM is usually first with features that other case manufacturers copy!

  10. HAF 932 is the best case I've ever used. Take that with a pinch of salt though as I haven't experienced most of the other cases you've listed.
  11. the storm sniper is one of cooler masters only bad cases they are terrible price/performance the HAF series is better
  12. *bump.

    I really your guy's feed back, because I have a break off school coming up, and that would be the ideal time to setup a new system because of the time it takes install all the new software.
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