CM ^92 Adv vs Lian Li dragon rider

Which one is better for cooling in general. I don't care about noise, HDD space, gpu clearance, LEDS or any other stuff. Cooling is all that important : )
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  1. and i can't type ^92 adv=692 advanced
  2. wow my apologize i'm a mess got finals this week : / the Cooler Master 690ii Advanced vs the IN WIN dragon rider.......again sorry for the title......
  3. Sorry, no direct experience with Lian Li but I know they make VG cases. I own a CM 690 Adv and find it great for cooling. I added another CM top fan and a side fan to the stock setup and it made a world of difference. The bonus is that the Cooler Master fans are surprisingly quiet and inexpensive to buy as add-ons. As for all the stuff you said you didn't care about....welll the CM has all those good things too. :D
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