Buidling My New PC

Hey Guys, I was looking at piecing together a new PC and I was wondering if I could get some feedback on whether or not the system would work out alright -

Mobo - Rampage III Extreme
CPU - i7 950
PSU - Corsair AX1200 Gold Power Supply
GPU - Thinking either 580gtx with intention to sli OR wait for the 6990 and see if its as beasty as the 5970... the xfire it.. :D
RAM - Corsair CMT12GX3M3A2000C9 12GB Kit Dominator GT
HD - Still undecided.

Just making sure it'll all work together nicely.. Also looking at suggestions for a case. Was thinking maybe the Antec Dark Fleet but saw some average remarks about it ><
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  1. Can't comment on how the parts you're thinking of putting together will work (sorry!), as I built my PC about a year ago now, and my knowledge is all outdated, but 12GB RAM!?! Damn! Can you fit 12GB RAM on a motherboard? Do you have to use the PCI slots for RAM expansion? ...Hahaha, things change so fast, as I said, I built mine a year ago, and was pretty pleased with having 4GB RAM in it (which seemed massive, compared to my previous build, which had, um, 512MB RAM, I think?). :)
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