Whats my pc worth?

im looking to build a computer soon and was wondering how much i could get for the one i have now.

CPU: intel core 2 dou e6300 1.86 ghz
Motherboard: Intel dg965lv chipset p/g965 PCI-E x16
Memory: DDR2 3gigs
Graphics nvidia 7900gs
HDD: 250 gigs
DVD player and burner
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  1. $150.00-$200.00

    You will get more if you sell the parts individually.

    Why not use it as a router or NAS?
  2. how would i set that up?? would it be worth it?
  3. NAS = Network Attached Storage

    I set up an old Dell Dimension 8400 with Windows Home Server...all I needed to do was add a few hard drives for storage space.

    Look up NAS and see if it is worthwhile to you. I mention Windows Home Server (WHS) but there are also free NAS operating systems out there

    There are a lot of posts on Tom's forum regarding this topic....and your rig would be more than capable of running as a NAS
  4. You could try FreeNAS or Openfiler.

    You could use IPCop as router software also. Good if you run torrents or do heavy downloading. It might run m0n0wall (more complicated) router software. Lesser hardware would work also.

    You could use the computer as a Web server or mail server too if interested.
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