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which of the two do you guys think is better........ i know one is like "made" for gaming but i just wanted an opinion from you guys...... from my previous post again im looking for something that'll run WoW and Vindictus and other MMORPG at a pretty high lv without major lag x.x any help would be appreciative!!!!
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  1. Both are low-end gaming machines, you may not be able to use the highest settings for your games, and you may have lag - usually caused by a slow monitor (less than 5ms gray-to-gray) or a slow internet connection. The cyber-power has a discrete graphics card, which is usually better than an integrated graphics solution as the emachines has. The main difference is the integrated graphics will share your RAM with windows. If you buy either, you can always buy a higher-power graphics card and install it later.
  2. well im not talking about like the highest max setting but somewhere around a 8/10 setting for my games and ill understand lag every know and than just not with every single motion i take , about my monitor idk but my internet connection is always like running really good so i dont think thats it x.x and i kinda figured that i mighthave to buy a higher power graphic card......
  3. Before you purchase,you need to find out if they can be upgraded. I very much doubt they will be able to,pre built machines have little or no room for upgrading.The processor on http://www.walmart.com/catalog/product.do?product_id=14089720&findingMethod=rr might bottleneck a highend GPU and the CPU on the other one will most definitely slow down a higher end GPU
  4. .......... i see........ it seems like it might be easier to just custom build my own computer lol Xo but if the ultra game computer cant be upgraded ill just have to live with the graphic...... its better than my current one anyway lol
  5. Tbh,i would go for the self build,the GPU in the first machine is quite a low end card tbh,unless you pay quite a bit more for a pre built machine.
  6. ikr? when i saw it i was like "no chance in hell this thing is really 498$" but yea i rather buy this and upgrade it than upgrade my dell inspiron 530s and as for building a pc from scratch.......thats still kind of a open option o.o
  7. btw i just saw this version: http://www.walmart.com/catalog/product.do?product_id=14089720&findingMethod=rr do you guys see any difference at all? >.>
  8. hmm i see....... what about the NVIDIA 335M thats inside of the alienware m11x how does that do agaisnt games like WoW and shiet
  9. Hope this helps..
    It's from the recertified list a t newegg,so it's products that have been opened before and marked on clearance but they still oeprate just like their supposed to.


    This one doesn't have a GPU but you could buy a cheap one,for the proccesor in this i'd save it value.
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