I play a lot of fps games online, and recently upgrsded my pc to an Alienware Aurora I7 920, 1.5 T HDD, Crossfire X 5670's. And with this I get only 62 max FPS. otherwise if I check FPS via Catalyst it says I'm pushing around 600 FPS. Note I've played with all the normal settings and o change, also getting very poor Heavan Benchmarks, I'm running AfterBurner with no OCing, This seems to be a very touchy subject with many people around the web. Also I don't seem to expreience a lot of lag but my real time seems to ba a little laggy in replays. Vsinc and so on does not affect anything.....Thanks in advance!
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  1. Alienware sucks, and the Crossfire 5670 sucks too.
    A single 5770 is better than the 5670 CF.
  2. I totally agree with both statements, If only I could undo things I've already done..... But now to deal with what I CAN change...
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