Sabertooth x58 bluescreening

just plugged in a sabertooth x58 to my system with some new RAM (24gb) and a new processor i7 950. In the bios its fully recognising all my ram and the cpu temp is around 40c.

My computer gets to the windows xp loading bar but then bluescreens and instantly reboots, does the same thing over and over unless i turn off the machine. I did the MemOK! test within the sabertooth bios and it said that the memory was all great and in the right positions.

It would be great if someone could suggest things for me to check.

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  1. Hi guys, just thought i'd add some more info on my problem.

    I purchased
    - x58 Sabertooth motherboard
    - 24gb of Kingston HyperX RAM (KHX1600C9D3K3)
    - i7-960 LGA1366 cpu

    My previous items are
    - PSU: Antec Neo HE500 (500watts)
    - GFX CARD: leadtech px8800gt 256mb
    - 500gb hard drive

    I will explain what happens when i turn on my machine

    - CPU LED flickers red for a split second then goes out (i assume as the cpu fan takes a second or two to start up it thinks there is a problem)
    - DRAM LED goes red for a few seconds then goes out
    - VGA LED goes red for a few seconds then goes out
    - *BEEP SOUND* (just one)
    - BOOT DEVICE LED goes red for a few seconds
    - All clear no red lights on while screen shows the "start windows normally" "start windows in safe mode" etc. options.
    - I choose "start windows normally" and the windows XP loading bar appears slowly.
    - The bar does not fill up and i blue screen for a split second then the machine restarts.

    The cycle continues from my "DRAM LED" section to blue screen reboot every time.

    Any advice would be much appreciated!

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