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Alright everyone im new and this is my 1st post so please let me know if im doing something wrong! Im building a pc for mainly gaming but also multimedia, but mainly for music and pictures, not so much for movies. let me know how well this could perform.
Here is my build
1. Intel i5 2500 sandy bridge
2. Asus p8p76 evo lga mobo
3. Gskill ripjaw x series 8 gb (or 4 gb if 4 will be enough, your opinion needed)
4. WD Caviar black 640 gb hdd (another added later in time)
5. OCZ modxstream 700w psu
6. Asus gtx470 gpu
7. Cooler Master storm scout case
8. windows 7
9. Asus ve228h 21.5" monitor
10. logitech g110 keyboard
11. logitech mx518 mouse
12. cooleraster hyper 212 cpu fan/heatsync
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  1. ^ Planning to overclock ??
    Change the mobo to PRO and get the 2500K unlocked CPU,...

    For gaming 4 GB RAM would suffice unless doing some graphics work,...

    PSU - Get a better quality PSU, also a more powerful one if you want to do GTX 470 SLI later on,...
    Corsair 750TX or XFX 750W

    CASE - Look for other options as that case has some minor issues with long graphic cards and the HDD cage(though I have seen it fitting in the GTX 470, but still)

    HDD - Get the Samsung F3 1TB - Currently is about $55 in newegg with a coupon so is faster, cheaper and bigger
  2. i will attempt to overclock as it seems fairly easy with the new "bios" but have no experience with it. thanks for the suggestions!
  3. ^ So if you want to overclock, then certainly get the 2500K as it only has the unlocked multiplier which allows easy overclocking,... Also you might want to get a CPU cooler if overclocking - CM Hyper 212+ would be a good option,...
    From where are you buying the parts ? newegg ? there are many good combos available with the parts,...
  4. yeah, im ordering everything from newegg
  5. i mean i am on a budget of around 1400 but i can go a bit more than that, is it really worth it to get that crosshair psu?
  6. would this build last me like 2-3 years?
  7. ^ Definitely the Corsair PSU is better,...
    And as for lasting 2-3 Years, with a graphic card upgrade it would actually last longer if mainly for gaming,...
  8. i figured i sli in about a year
  9. For the time being I'd drop the extra 4gigs and I'd also drop the 470. A 570 is a little faster and runs a little cooler.
  10. Before suggesting the video card, it would be helpful to know what games (or types of games) you want to play. For example, I do not play FPS titles, and all my less-demanding games (RPG, RTS, MMO) run maxed at 1920x1080 on a "mere" HD5770 or GTX460.
  11. i plan on playing wow, blackops, mw2, starcraft 2, civilization 5, new shooters
  12. Ok, "new shooters" probably means a pretty strong GPU. Starting with one HD6850 or HD6870 would be good.
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