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Can anyone suggest a good set of gaming things such as a keyboard and headset. I have the monitor covered and the mouse but does anyone know a good keyboard for gaming.
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  1. I have a Logitech G15 and I love it. I believe it has been replaced by the G18 now though.
  2. there is a G510 on newegg that looks reallly nice. Expensive tho... I think thats what replaced your keyboard.
  3. Razer makes a lot of nice-looking and high-performance (if you could call them that) peripherals, like keyboards, mice, and headsets. If you browse their catalog, I'm sure you'll find something you like. Logitech has a more diverse array of products, including non-gaming ones.

    I suddenly remembered the Saitek Cyborg keyboard, which has multi-colored backlighting. Different parts of the keyboard (especially the WASD cluster) can be lit up with different colors. If you can borrow them from a friend or use them somewhere, I suggest you do so that you experience using it and find out if you really like it.
  4. My preferred site to shop on is Newegg. Can you suggest a good headset from there? I was going to get the HPA2 Turtle Beach 5.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset but its out of stock and has a lot of bad reviews. Idk the quality of Turtle Beach as I have never personally bought a headset from them myself. Can anyone verify if they sell quality products or are these problems that the reviewers on newegg have are just flukes?
  5. Razer Megalodon.

    Can't comment on turtle beaches. However those Megalodons get a LOT of love, and I'm about to buy a set.
  6. I use


    I still keep up with CSS professionals. :) Not enough time to be one myself. =P

    I have a friend who uses $200+ in keyboard/mouse and I smash him on all FPS. However I usually smash just about everyone I come across, unless I play up against the right CSS non-publics. ;)
  7. Quote:

    What about the MX 518? Its gotten quite a few reviews and its about half the price of a GX9 and I really am loving the G510. I think ill go with this headset though because its the best bang for your buck and since the HPA2 headset is out of stock on newegg I like this one and it has blue LED to match my computer :D does anyone know anything about this company?

    Teknomotion Pulsewave heaset

    It may not be true surround sound like the 5.1 HPA2 headset but it simulates 7.1 surround which has gotten quite close to actual surround with todays technology.
  8. if ur still looking for a good keyboard that isnt crazy xpensive, i would HIGHLY recommend the Logitech-G510 gaming keyboard. i just bought myself one 2days ago and ill be honest, learning how to use/remember all the different functions/keys takes a little while to get used to. But the feel, features, and looks are strait up awesome. you can literally choose ANY color for the illumination, set-up key commands, and it actually displays current events(news) on its LCD display lol, system info/specs are also displayed. I'm still getting used to it but, i must say that this is by far, the best keyboard i have ever owned. GREAT for gaming, FPS,RTS,RPG... Definently worth the money IMO... I also picked up a Logitech M705 mouse that is very nice also. Plus they both match :)
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