Building my first gaming computer, which motherboard for AMD bulldozer fx 6100?

Hello, im 15 and im thinking about building my first gaming computer soon and ive chosen the AMD bulldozer fx 6100 at 3.3ghz for my CPU. I was originally looking at getting 8gb of RAM but i saw this bundle that comes with 16gb and that processor:

I know RAM isnt really an issue because its quite cheap anyway but i dont know much about motherboards. This one seems pretty basic (ASUS M5A 78 L-M USB3), its £50 of amazon. I like the idea of usb 3 for the future and i will probably put in an nvidia GTX 550 ti or a 560 for my gaming. I think this is also a micro atx motherboard and im not short for space so is there any pluses of getting a standard size motherboard? I just really need some help choosing the right motherboard haha and im also not sure if this CPU works with an AM3+ socket, because different people say that its still compatible with AM3 but others dont?

Sorry for the extremely long question but thanks if you have the chance to reply :)
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  1. The 6100 is am3+ so it will work with alot of motherboards, but am3 boards will require a bios update and some don't provide this. To be safe, stick with am3+. I don't know if the combo you selected is a good deal, since I shop at newegg in the usa. Got a good case and power supply?
  2. thanks ill stick with the am3+ motherboard so. Any ideas for a decent one? Newegg dont ship to ireland :( Nope i havent even looked at a case or a power supply yet.
  3. o1die said:

    Thanks i was looking at this case too:

    probably with a 550w psu if this would be enough. the only thing is that the case is ATX, i know its probably pretty simple but is it ok to put a micro ATX motherboard in a standard ATX case? and are there any other disadvantages of a micro atx motherboard other than less expansion slots which i probably wont need anyway
  4. No. Micro atx boards aren't that much cheaper than atx, but easier to work with in some cases. My htpc case can hold an atx board, but it's a tight fit.
  5. thanks a bunch for your help. i ordered all my parts today :)
  6. I just read your post, so perhaps I shouldn't give you this advice since you've already ordered... but I would've gone with a full ATX motherboard for expandability. They have more PCI/PCI express slots. Also, I think the 990FX chipset is recommended for the bulldozer. The 7xx series chipsets are now 2 generations old between the 8xx and the 9xx. AM3+ and DDR3 ram support was added to the 7xx series later on, but it wasn't originally designed with an 8-core (or even a 6-core) processor in mind.

    If you got a really good deal, and you're not too concerned about being cutting-edge, then I wish you best of luck with your computer! However, since you were looking at the latest AMD Bulldozer, and you're a gamer, I thought you would be interested that technically that hardware was a little behind.

    I have to say, though, that I'm very pleased with my 1090T Black Edition with an 890FX motherboard, so despite some negative press surrounding the Bulldozer I'd anticipate if your motherboard can handle it, you'll have a good experience CPU-wise.

    EDIT: My mistake, I just noticed that bundle had a 6-core bulldozer, not the 8-core.
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