Very Strange Problem

Hey All

I have a very strange problem that i have been working on for a long time. My Rig :=

AMD Phenom II x4 955 Black Edition
Asus (motherboard) m4a88td-m evo/usb3
2 x 2gb OCZ Gold Edition RAM 1600MHz
Asus 4870 1gb Graphics Card
Thermaltake Bigwater 760i CPU cooling
550W Corsair PSU
1T samsung HD
500gb seagate HD
250 seagate HD
120gb patriot SSD
Antec 900 case

Right now that you know what i am running i shall let you know the problem.

When I install win 7 64bit it is very unstable with my 4870 gpu in, yet if i have win xp installed it is fine and stable.
The win 7 problem will go away if i put another gpu in, but i don't understand why it is doing this as it is stable and works with win xp.
When i say unstable i mean that it will sometimes boot into windows sometimes it will not, if it does boot into win7 then it usually crashes within 2-5 mins.

any suggestions would be gladly accepted as i have been working on this problem for a while now.

The easy solution would be to replace my gpu but i really don't want to.

Cheers :D
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  1. latest 64 bit Win7 mb/chipset drivers from Asus? DO not rely on MS's default detected drivers..; update asap)

    Latest 64 bit Win 7 gpu driver package.....
  2. Cheers for the response.

    Yup they have both been updated, also have updated the bios MB.

    The only other thing i am thinking of doing is updating the GPU bios, yet i don't think they have brought out any revisions for it.
  3. Have you tried talking to your GPU's technical support about the problem? Also, posting in their support forums or looking for people with similar problems might provide a solution.
  4. Yes, i posted a comment there a long time ago, but no one has ever got back to me about it. I also went on the asus support chat, but every time they would not respond to me.

    I am looking to replace the card anyway, its unusual as my motherboard is also a ASUS board so i would not think it would be a compatibility error.
    The only other explication i can think of is that there is a faulty memory module inside the gpu. And the 32bit xp does not utilize that memory hence the stability but when 64bit win7 runs, it tries to utilize the faulty memory and crashes it. Yet this would be very strange as i have never seen a gpu have problems like this.

    I think i might have to call defeat and get a new card.
  5. Hm... My two cents..

    Your PSU what is the actual model number? And do you know how many amps are on the V12 rail? Also, how many amps is needed by the GPU?

    Reason I am asking is Win7 makes better use of hardware than XP will ever do. So if Win7 is using its full potential, the card is requesting more power, but the PSU cannot supply it. The OS will crash.

    Added: What was the other GPU that you tried?

    Just a thought.
  6. This could be it The psu = Corsair 550W VX Series, i can't remember how many amps are on the 12v rail tbh, i am working off my phone atm so its a little hard to check :p My GPU takes 2x 6pin connectors but again i really can't remember how many amps it needs.
  7. Well that PSU has 41 amps on the +12v rail, and the card requires a min 500 Watts, I couldn't find anything about the amperage draw, but I think you are in good shape there.

    However there is a BIOS update for that card (if its the dark Night edition), it says its a fix for the xfire, but it might help in your case....

    Your motherboard has had 6 BIOS revisions, have you updated to the latest and greatest which was released on 2010/11/12?

    Also, I read (newegg reviews), that alot of people are using the ATI drivers vs. the drivers from ASUS. Which also might help with stability...

    So 3 things to think about BIOS update for the GFX card & Motherboard and the ATI drivers instead of the ASUS drivers. I would suggest trying the ATI drivers before flashing the BIOS (GFX & Mombo), drivers are easier and safer than a BIOS flash. If you are going to flash, I would do the Motherboard see how the system reacts to it (double check that the memory RAM timings are correct), then maybe the GFX card...

    Best of luck!
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